Together We Can Make a Difference!

With our focus on Social Responsibility and community engagement this year, we are encouraged to give back to children and youth through the California Black Expo “Foster the Future” Giving Campaign.


In the US, infants, children and teens enter foster care through no fault of their own. (This doesn’t include the vast number of recent immigrant infants, children and teens). The sad truth is that when foster care workers show up to place children in the foster care system, the children are given two plastic trash bags to gather and transport their belongings. This coupled with the fact that they are being displaced, makes many children feel insignificant and unwanted. Here at the CBE, we feel that no child should be made to feel this way. For this purpose, we have formed a fundraising committee made up of CBE board members, staff and volunteers with significant charitable experience and a passion for finding ways to give back.


By partnering with local organizations we can use expo events as-a-means to provide children from low to moderate income families, teenagers who are aging out, and infants and children in foster care with toys, shoes, clothes and quality duffel bags (filled with school supplies and essentials) to use, store and transport their belongings in, while in the foster care system.


You can help this important endeavor by becoming a California Black Expo Diversity Partner, or by sponsoring an upcoming event.



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